The Directory includes information about projects, programs, organizations and tools on the theme of school-family-community partnership. Each initiative is summarized and presented as a factsheet. Its purpose: to inspire and guide stakeholders by giving them access to initiatives that get results. Currently there are nearly 70 factsheets in the directory. Three to five factsheets are added to the directory every year.

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Bien dans mes baskets (English Version)

Bien dans mes baskets is a preventive and psychosocial development program that uses extracurricular basketball as an intervention tool. The intention is to give students the motivation they need to stay in school, get involved in the local community, and develop adapted behaviors in school and in their personal lives.

Bringing Families and Elementary/Secondary Schools Closer Together

Bringing Families and Elementary/Secondary Schools Closer Together is a tool that consists of two distinct guides (one for primary schools and the other for secondary schools) that present a process and instruments that foster the development of school-family-community collaboration. The guides include tools for doing an inventory of the school’s practices and a questionnaire for parents. The compilation of the outcomes of both processes makes it possible for all stakeholders to work together to determine what family- or community-related factors the school wants to improve and strengthen.

Les Scientifines (English version)

Les Scientifines is a community educational support program geared towards sparking an interest in sciences in young girls from underprivileged neighborhoods. In addition to providing these girls with a nurturing environment and a place where they fit in, the program offers them help with homework and science awareness activities. Les Scientifines has also produced a suite of teaching activities for classroom use by teachers.

The Pacific Path Program

Pacific Path is an interpersonal conflict resolution program integrated within the school’s educational project and promoting peaceable conduct in preschool, primary and secondary school. The first component consists of workshops on themes such as communication, feelings, anger, conflict and empathy. The second component enables training of peer mediators within the school.

Youth University

Youth University is an education resource that provides primary and secondary school students with enjoyable and stimulating experiences that help them know themselves better and open up to the world around them, while becoming aware of the various resources within the community. University students act as mentors and activity moderators and leaders.

Zigler Schools of the 21st Century

The Zigler Schools of the 21st Century program consists of a community school model that integrates childcare and family assistance services within the school itself. The program transforms the traditional school into a multiservice center for children where high-quality services are available from morning to early evening. The program provides help and assistance services, daycare services, and training and information activities.

Les samedis ensoleillés (English Version)

Les samedis ensoleillés is an activity program for immigrant families in the Borough of Saint-Laurent. On Saturdays, Enfant-Soleil and Henri-Beaulieu schools, in partnership with local community organizations, offer an array of activities to the students and their parents, geared to francization, among other aims. This is how schools become a genuine gathering place for parents, young people, educators and the community.

Programme SAC Entrepreneuriat (English Version)

SAC Entrepreneuriat (sport-arts-culture), unique in Québec, is the original way in which École-des-Cœurs-Vaillants carries out its mission as an entrepreneurial community school, namely, to instil the idea of conscious entrepreneurship at the service of the overall health of each child as soon as children start school. The school offers an array of school and extracurricular activities based on the interests of the students and all program participants. The goal--make every child happy to come to school to Learn and to Be Proactive.

80, ruelle de l’Avenir (English version)

80, ruelle de l’Avenir stems from joint action and community mobilization around the cause of offering young children and teenagers from the Centre-Sud district of Montréal a stimulating environment where they can learn. The partners, hailing from the education milieu and the community, health and business sector, pooled their resources to provide a one-stop venue for an array of services and activities aimed at giving the children of the district much-needed support.

Répit transit (English Version)

Répit transit, a program for respite classes outside the school, enables early intervention for children with behavioral problems. It involves systemic and simultaneous work with the student, the parents and the teacher.
Results 1-10 (of 73)